Suzie Emiliozzi RN, CBP, CHt
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Praise & Feedback from Suzie's Clients
“I am so deeply touched and moved to tears. I am finally ready to
let go of everything and even had this feeling for a few moments and now at least I know how it feels. I had a vision of worming the space around me from my heart directly. I want to celebrate that and you Thank you from the bottom of my heart” - Melany

"Suzie was EXCELLENT. I chose the Energy Healing and loved her style and her gentle approach to healing. I was amazed at how much she discovered about me during our session as well as the feedback. Grateful that I know her; will definitely go back. Rate her 5 Stars!! " 
"I feel like such a new person. I feel like I'm ready to take on the
world and that I can do anything! I'm so excited looking toward the
future and already setting goals and plans. I just wanted to share it
because it is such a big change for me. Thank you so much!" T. V.

“I was amazed at what she did in so short a time. It was a lovely session… and I love the results." L.D.
"I had an amazing and beautiful healing experience with Suzie, who had incredible insight into my blocks and experiences. The safe loving manner in which we journeyed together allowed me to have an intense emotional release, which I really needed. I am so excited to see how this breakthrough unfolds for me." M.M.
"If you are ready to heal and move forward with your life, this is the best recommendation I can give. Suzie will be the empathetic witness to your shedding your old self to finding your real/new self."  Joni
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